Michel Hourany directed his first play “the Family Tot” in 2001 which was loved by the public and considered by the media one of the most important plays at that time. The play received as well an appreciation certificate from the Lebanese theater festival.

Michel makes sure to stay close to the theatre so he prepares and directs many student productions in the universities transferring his passion to the theater to the new generation.

  • TV or not TV written by Michel Hourany, guest star Mireille Pannossian, Antonine University, Baabda  May 2010
  • MISS COMMUNICATION adapted from One Rich Three Poor by Jean Louis Caleferte  American University of Science & Technology (AUST), Achrafiye June 2009
  • AALKIT HARAMIYE (THE VIRTUOUS BURGLAR) written by Dario Fo , American University of Science & Technology (AUST), Achrafiye June 2008
  • MOUATIN OUMOUMI with Mounir Kesrwani, written by Pransilav Nosetch, travelling theater 2005.
  • Al A’ILA TOT (The Family TOT), written by Istvan Orkeny, Beryte theater, 2001. The play obtained a certificate for its directing in the Lebanese Theatre Festival, May 2002.